Tuesday, August 5, 2008

He said, she said

Tracey and I didn't sleep well last night. I think part of it was that we had today's appt on our minds. I have a lot going on at work too .... all good stuff but busy none the less, I'm dragging butt tonight.
The neurosurgeon had told us that he though Colby's eye movement was seizure activity. He said that we would need to be referred to a neurologist and that's what started us down this latest chapter of our journey.
So today was our appointment with the neurologist. All went well. She said that the EEG shows that his eye thing isn't seizures and that there weren't any signs of epileptic activity. So that's good. We felt relieved but it also left us hanging wondering what it was that was affecting Colby's eyes. She said it may be more of a muscle spasm in the eyes and recommended we see a pediatric eye specialist. We've already seen one regarding his ROP so we're going to make another appointment with them.
She said that all in all Colby seemed to be looking good. His EEG was abnormal showing that some of his brain activity was a bit slower than normal. Also that the two sides of his brain weren't quite working in conjunction with one another. But she continued to say that this is quite common in babies who had blood in their brain or for young babies. Although Colby is almost one, he's functioning like a 7 month old and the doctor commented that the results were about par for a 7 month old.
So that's where we stand. No final answers but at least a new direction to follow. We'll need a referral from his primary care doctor andt then will need to set an appointment. As the details come, I'll pass them along.


Braydens Blog said...

Well thats really good to hear. They told me the exact same thing about my son that it has something to do with his eyes. Anyways I wish the best for lil colby and your fanily. Good luck I really like reading your blogs its good to talk to people that are going through a similar sitution!

Mommakitten said...

Praying for Colby, praying for you guys and praying for answers.