Friday, August 29, 2008

Heading home

(Colby in his cool shades. Thanks again for sending them, Caz!)

(Mom, Brige and I)

(We brought our bikes and then rented one of those trailers to plop Colby into. He really seemed to enjoy it. He just babbled a little bit during the ride, but apart from that, just sat there and looked around.)(I love all the life in the ocean. Evan and I throughout the years have always searched through tide pools, waded into marshes and looked for fish in the ocean. We bought a couple of basic ocean poles for the trip and tried fishing a couple times. However, we had no luck what so every. I had a very large chunk of sea week on my line here...but hey, it looks like I'm pulling in a lunker!)

Thank all of you for your comments on the blog and e-mails! It's amazing to see so many people from so many different places following Colby's journey.

Well, we're wrapping out our trip to the Cape and heading home today. What a wonderful vacation. Our little boy turned 1 and had a couple of firsts....first time to the ocean, first bike ride, first time in a pool. I hope to get home at a good hour today as we have Colby's B-day party on Sunday and we still have quite a bit to do. I'll have a ton of pictures come Sunday night or Monday!

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Caroline said...

Cool shades Colby! Glad you like them :)