Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Farmer's Market

(I love my boy!!!!!!!!)

(Colby drumming away with mommy's help.)

(Here is Paul, Blaik and their family. They had this Chariot thing which you can see in the left of the picture. It was like the SUV of strollers. The thing did everything but change the babies diaper!)

We went to an awesome farmer's market today in Coventry. Tracey had gone before, but I'd never been. Our friends Paul, Blaik and their three kids met us there.

There were live animals there for Colby to see. A guy was doing a drum circle and Colby got to bang on some drums. They had a small fife and drum (I think that's what you call it) that he got to see. Paul and Blaik have two adorable girls who are great with Colby. Each time they've seen him they're rather interested with his shunt. I can't imagine what they must be thinking.

It's great to be able to bring Colby out without him squinting all the time and doing his "eye thing". Plus at least for now, we don't have to worry too much about him getting a cold. Another month or two and we'll need to be more cautious about where we bring him. We want to ask the doctor, probably the pulmonologist, when it will be OK for him to get his first cold. Some things are out of our control, but things like that which could really set him back, I'd rather be cautious about.


Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of Colby and mom smiling at the camera…so cute!!!
Love, Mary and Hannah

Teela said...

He has such an amazing smile that is infectious! Thanks for all the pictures. Looks like you guys had a blast.

Unknown said...

I second the comment about Colby and Tracey smiling at the camera. That picture is AMAZING! Looked like a fun day at the farmer's market. : )