Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just some pics

(I gave Colby a bath the other day in the sink. He seemed to really enjoy it. We had some pans in the other side of the sink that he was pretty interested in. His hair is still pretty short and thin. But the spot where he had his shunt placed has always had darker, longer hair. So that's the only area I could spike while I was shampooing his hair.)

(Colby went to his first birthday party the other weekend. Thank you for having us at your birthday party Brennon! We had a great time!)

(And here are some pictures from the other night when Colby first used his fingers to put some smaller treats into his mouth. I can imagine Colby saying " Come here you little....treat. I know I can do this!")
("Gotcha! Now....if I can just get you to my mouth...almost........ow yeah!!!")
(Ta-daaahhhhhhh!!!!! "I'm gettin to be a big boy. I can now put little, itty bitty treats into my mouth. I rock....'cause I'm the Colbster!")


Chrissy said...

So stinking cute!

Unknown said...

Awesome pictures! He is so photogenic!

Unknown said...

Love the bath shots.... he looks like he is as happy as a clam in there.