Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tiny Fingers

Colby had another accomplishment last night. His fine motor skills are a bit delayed. So he's been grabbing at things, but it's not refined at all. He'll grab something, pull it to his mouth, or pass it from hand to hand. But for the most part, it's been larger items....toys, bags, balls, etc. We've been trying to get him to pick up his little treats off his tray and put them in his mouth. They're about the size of a Cheerio. At first he didn't really seem to realize they were there. He's swipe his hand across the tray, pushing them off the side and onto the floor. Then he realized they were there and would open and close his hand on them, over and over. Next came grabbing then, bringing his hand out to his sides...and dropping then. But never could be help him draw the correlation between the food being in his hand and getting it into his mouth. He knew that if we picked them up, he would bring his head forward, open his mouth and try to suck the treat up. He also knew that he could put a biscuit or other larger food items into his mouth and had no trouble what so ever doing that.
Anyway, so we've been trying to show him that once he has one in his hand, that he can bring it to his mouth. He would pull his arm away and fuss out of frustration. But then last night, he was in his bumbo and I put the tray on it, poured out some treats. Things started as usual...treats being pushed off the side, down in front of him and off the front. So I took his and gently brought it to his mouth. I figured after I let go, he's fuss, pull his hand out to the side and that's it. But instead, I let go and he looked down at his tray, eyed a treat and went right after it. And he did this over and over. His only trouble now is the fine dexterity of picking it up with is forefinger so he can easily get it into his mouth. But he's got it. It's was just so neat to see like a light bulb going off.

So that's the latest with the Colbster.


Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

That's awesome!!! He is getting so big, I remember when Maleia finally figured it out too. It is so amazing to watch them learn and grow!!!

Unknown said...

Go Colby! : )

Anonymous said...

Great job Colby:)
Love, Mary and Hannah

paula said...

Every time I read your blog I am reminded of my little boy. It is amazing he was born 8-17-06 wt 1 pound 15 ounces and 13 3/4 in long. When I watch the slide show I remember how little little ones can be. Amazing how they grow.