Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rise 'n shine

Around 2 am, the doctors thought giving Colby an enema might help his digestive track move along a bit and maybe help with some of his discomfort. That happened around 2:30. Things...well..moved along and for one reason or another, he didn't toss and turn much afterwards until around 5am when another doctor came in to check on him.
For the first time in about a day, he opened his eyes and looked around. He responded to my voice. His eyes followed the doctor as he walked around the room. So it was a pleasant surprise to see him more awake and responsive this morning!
Results continue to come back...all with labels of being "normal".
They are going to tap his shunt this morning as well as start doing tests for less common reasons why he might have been so out of it. Although I'm happy and quite relieved that he's showing signs of imporement, I hope they can in some way find out what caused Colby so much trouble over the last couple days.

I came directly from work yesterday afternoon wearing a button up shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, etc. Tracey went home to get me a change of clothes for the evening. I guess I forgot to mention that I needed flip flops or sneakers. So she came back with PJ bottoms, a couple t-shirts....but nothing for my feet. The cafeteria opens at 6am here in the hospital. And they have Starbucks coffee....thank god! I'll be standing outside the gate, wearing blue PJ bottoms, a t-shirt, hat....and dress shoes.....silently waiting for them to raise the gate to the cafeteria!


Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

I'm so glad he was feeling better this morning! You talking about the hospital room and the couch bed thing, brings back memories from when Maleia was in the hospital. I am praying all the time for little Colby, I hope the Dr's can give you some sort of answer.

Nadine Canto said...

That is great news Scott that little man is feeling better. Could just be a simple stomach bug which is going around? My kids and friends have had it over the past couple of days.
Good Luck! Thinking of you and Tracey

Unknown said...

I'm sooooo happy to hear that Colby is more responsive now and a bit more comfortable. That is wonderful. I hope they can find out what has been troubling him. The thought of you standing waiting for coffee in dress shoes gave me a giggle. You and Tracey keep hanging in there and I send my best wishes to that precious little boy.

Jenn said...

Hey Scott, just want you to know that Colby has been in my thoughts...hope he gets better soon.