Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our growing boy

"Colby listening intently to Liz."
I know that face...it's the face he makes when he says "Peeeeaaassssssssseeeeeeee" (Please)

Mmmmmm, watermellon!!!

See my new "cawwwww!!"

Colby listening to momma the other day when we went out to dinner.

Here are some recent pictures of our boy. He's changing from a baby to a little boy lately. At least for me, it's his ability to start to express himself with simply words and the fact that's he's more independent with his scooting around the room on his butt.
In just a couple more weeks, our little guy will be 2!!!! Amazing how time flies!
We continue to feel soooooooooooooo thankful for his progress. Thinking back to all the days in the NICU, all the things we read and heard about a grade 3 brain bleed and hydrocephalus, ROP, G-tubes, C.P., etc....to think of all that could have happened, we are just so thankful that our little guy is doing so well!

He continues to add onto his vocabulary. Still one word at a time for the most part.

We visted the NICU the other day. It's great to see the people who played such an important role in our lives.


Chrissy said...

Wow, how much he has changed. He's looking like such a big boy.

Unknown said...

I love seeing all the great photos. Colby is amazing. : )

Lorna said...

Hey Scott and Tracey,
I knew Colby's birthday was coming soon, I remembered it being summer, so thought I'd check on you guys :) Everytime I drive by UCONN Health Center on my way to MA I think of your family.

Happy early birthday Colby and Avery. Colby looks so cute, great to hear that his vocab is getting bigger (Tyler had no language until 36 months...he's a talking champ now). Tyler started school lastweek and already has cold!!! He'll never be the healthiest kid in class, but he certainly could be the smartest.

Two years already...hard to believe. I'd never trade in my own journey for a different one, but holy moley I'd never want to do it again. I went back and read your early blogs, a fantastic journal of just how far Colby has come.

Give that little man an extra squeeze for me. So happy to hear and see (in his adorably cute pics) how great he's doing.