Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No news is...good news?

It's been a busy couple hours. Colby's blood results have come back....all normal. His CAT new scan has been evaluated....all normal. A doctor from his pediatrician came in to check him and besides the way he's acting, he couldn't find anything. Lastly, a surgeon came in to check his abdomen. And, like all the others before her, she said she can't find anything abnormal or anything that would point to a problem.
So the plan is to wait. Wait for more fluids to get into Colby via is IV. Wait for Colby to rest and possibly regain some strength through the night. If by morning nothing changes, the next course of action will be to tap into his shunt and test the fluid for any signs of infection within his cerebral fluid. They will also do an ultrasound of his intestines to see if there's any overlapping of his intestine walls or if any of it has twisted and the X-ray simply didn't pick it up.
I've made up my little couch-bed thing and am going to try to get an nap before they come in to check on him again.

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