Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our big boy

( You can see that Colby's head is getting better. We try to lie him on different sides of his head when we lay him down. )

(He loves his changing table. No matter what kinds of mood he's in, just put him on his changing table and he's laughs, giggles, kicks his feet and throws his hands around.)

Sorry it's been a while...though that seems to be the typical opening in my postings lately. I guess my normal schedule will be about a post a week for now.

Things are very well. Our little boy continues to grow and amaze us each and every day. Nothing too much to report. He's doing so well with his head control and can react and turn his head towards any noise he hears. His hand and arm control is slowly moving in the right direction. He can almost roll over, but gets hung up on his arm. Still no teeth. We keep thinking he's going to start teething because he'll have drooling fits every now and then....but no teeth.

He's such a happy boy. It's very easy to make him smile or laugh. Though.....if he's in a new place or around people he doesn't know, he's more serious until he gets comfortable.

Tomorrow is one of my days to "work from home". In other words, I don't really work every other Friday. Colby has an eye doctor's appointment in the morning. It's his first one since he left the NICU so I'm anxious to see what they'll check and how he's doing.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wow Colby is getting so big...cute as ever!!!
Love, Mary and Hannah

Anonymous said...

We were so glad to finally meet the newest member of the Reed family. As your latest blog states there have been many years of a great friendship between the Reed's and the Cummings'. We hope that this new generation of each family will continue to find the shores of Sebec lake as comforting as the previous generations did.

Colby is a precious gift and you are all very special people in our lives.

Love to you all
Doug and Lori