Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colby's first 5k

(Colby and mommy last night ready to go for a walk)

(The running trio!)
(Daddy and Colby post race)
(Mommy and Colby post race)

Colby had his eye doctors appointment yesterday. It went very well. They said there aren't any lingering signs of his ROP that had developed while he was in the NICU. He is a bit far sighted, and his right eye tends to turn inward, but apart form that, his eyes seem to be doing very well. We were very pleased to get that report!

This morning Tracey, a couple friends and I did a 5k race here in town. It was a beautiful day out. We brought Colby along in the running stroller. He was the only baby on the course and seemed to enjoy his first 5k. Being he was the only baby I like to think that he won his division! LOL

Then we had a couple friends over after the race for burgers and all. A couple of them had children and it was nice to see Colby interacting with other babies. He's doing so well and working on sitting up on his own. He'll sit up for a minute and can correct himself a little if he starts to lean forward. But eve this is an improvement from weeks past when he was like a wet noodle when you tried to sit him up.

That's about it. Tracey and I are tired from getting some exercises this morning, being in the sun and then hosting for a bit this afternoon. I feel an early bedtime coming for us all!


Unknown said...

The only baby out there.... GREAT job Colby! Great photos of the day too.... thanks for sharing them.

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

Maleia had her first eye doctor appointment since the NICU last week as well, she also got a good report.

Great pictures!!!