Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eyes searching wildly

Just a quick update on the little .....though growing.....Colby. He's been doing very well. He's packing on the pounds and eating well. He has a doctors appt coming up when they'll weigh him. When last we checked, he had plateaued a bit and the doctor said he needed to start putting on more weight. Since then, we changed the nippled on his bottles and he's been chugging down his formula pretty good. We can see the weight coming onto his face, arms and legs. I'll bet he's close to 11 and 1/2 pounds now.
I'm really enjoying watching him grow and progress. He's loosing his preemie look and is looking more like a chunky little baby now. I know...I where are the pictures to show it? I've been bad with taking pictures as of late and need to get back on it. I'll post some soon. I promise.
He's a very perceptive little guy. He loves to look around him and see what's going on. Either when we're home or if we take him out and about, his eyes will be open wide and he'll be looking around, just taking everything in. I love bringing him with me when I have to run errands. I think his favorite store is Whole Foods.....ummm...wait....that's MY favorite store! Well, I think he likes to it. : ) He doesn't really fuss at all when we take him out and about. He'll just stuff his hand in his mouth, start sucking away and then watch the world around him. Even when we're in the car, I can look in the mirrors and see him searching from left, then to the right, just watching everything he can. If he's laying down or if one of us is holding him and the other person calls his name, his eyebrows will go up, he'll stop sucking or doing whatever he's doing and he'll search around as best he can to see where we are. I noticed just tonight when Tracey was changing him on his changing table and I came up behind her that he noticed me there right away and looked at me. It may seem trivial but for a baby that's been through all he's been through, it's these little things that just make my heart melt and give me hope that there may be little evidence of what he's had to overcome.
It's been neat too to see how he's progressing with holding his head up, grabbing onto things or reacting to our voices. Today I think Tracey even got a true laugh out of him. He smiles more easily now than he did even a couple week ago and his mouth and face will look like he wants to laugh....but nothing comes out. I can't wait until he starts truly laughing.
After what seems like years, Colby is finally starting to sleep for good chunks of time at night. He'll usually go down sometime between 9 and 11pm. Some nights he'll get up once or other nights he'll sleep right on through until 5 or 6 in the morning. What a difference that makes!!!!
So that's the latest and greatest with our little Colby. I'll see if I can get some pictures of him when he wakes up tonight as long as it's not too late.
I know I've thanked all of you before, but I'm still amazed at how many people still either follow Colby's story regularly, or check in from time to time. I've really enjoyed sharing his journey with others and it makes me feel good to see and hear that Colby has a number of people continuing to cheer him on. He's overcome some incredible hurdles and I know that the support and caring that he's gotten from so many people has made a difference in his life and ours.


Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary regards to no pics lately. I can't remember the last time we took pics of our younger one Sean. He's gonna think Dylan is the favorite. Trust me... it gets worse as time goes by. God bless you my friend!!!

Mark Barkasy

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I saw that colby was only 11.5 pounds...I think cole has to be well over 12. When you see the pictures and hear what he is doing you just think that he is bigger than he is, but he is still so tiny.

Anonymous said...

Watching milestones is breath taking, especially when they are events that...well, almost weren't. I look at my Addie and love her dearly, but Tyler almost three years since his birth...still takes my breath away. That tiny baby, now so big...and so far problem-free. I love my children equally, just differently.

Enjoy the nice weather. With Tyler starting to talk, I love wandering outside with him. It provokes so much language.

Have a great weekend. -Lorna

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

We are so glad to hear that little Colby is doing so well!!! I remember when Maleia was at that point of wanting to laugh but didn't know how... I love to make her laugh now!!! There is just something so lovable when a baby laughs!!! :D Can't wait for the pictures. :)

Love you guys!!!