Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another video

Here's another video of the Colbster cooing away. He's been doing wonderful the last couple days. He's really finding his voice. This morning I heard him awake around 7am, but he wasn't crying, just lying in his bed making all kinds of noises. I let him stay there until it sounded like he had had enough and that wasn't until after 9am. So two whole hours of playing by himself, cooing and making his "goooo" sounds.

Birth to Three came yesterday morning. For the past couple weeks, whenever they came Colby wasn't cooperative. He was cranky or had belly issues of some kind. So they hadn't been able to get him on a good day for a while. He did great. He held his head up, grabbed onto things, tracked well with his eyes and responded to our voices well. The therapist said she's amazed at where he is and that at the rates he's going and that in the years to come, he may do just fine. She said his legs were a little tight, but that could be resolved from simply stretching. I asked about CP and she said that most babies who were going to have real problems would show strong signs and Colby shows none. His legs are barely stiff and it's only when you bring his knees up towards him and try to straighten his legs. Thank you Lorna for your suggestion with the chart. She knew what I was talking about and is going to bring it next time she comes.

Colby and I are off on the road again today. We're headed to Babies R Us....Colby's favorite store to get him yet another size nipple. The ones we had were too small.....then I bought ones that are too big. So we'll shoot for the middle sized one today and hope that works.

So that's the scoop. I turned off the music on the blog so you can get the full affect.


Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

So cute!!! That is so wonderful about Birth to three. He is getting so big!!! :) Take a lot of video it goes by so fast!!! I can't believe that Maleia will be 1 on April 17th, they grow up so fast!!!

Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

He is looking so great! We love the video. Take care!

Jenny from Delta.

Anonymous said...

Wow have a lot to say :) I love the video!!! Colby your doing great...keep up the good work.
Love, Mary and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have followed your story since your wife had the babies... I have been a silent follower.. my husband have prayed and prayed for your family.. every time we see how well Colby is doing.. we both kind of get teary eyed... You guys gave us so much hope when we were first told our twins would not make it... but here they are too.. doing really well...
Sorry.. I didn't mean to write a book.. just wanted to say how great it is to see Colby doing so well!!


Anonymous said...