Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick video

As you can see, Colby is becoming more verbal. He has his "spirts" of times screaming. Either way, I think it's all cute! He's got the "d" sound down pat. He'll say da-da-da, but I'm not sure it's meant towards me. However if we say "where's da da" or "daddy", he'll look at me. If we say "where's momma" or "mommy", he'll look towards Tracey. We're pretty sure he understands "dog" as well as he'll look at Hamilton if we say that. So he continues to progress.
Colby is about 16 1/2 months old now. He still doesn't crawl. We continue to work on that and he's become more comfortable being on his belly. But he simply prefers to roll onto his back. He lacks the arm strength to push himself up. When he is on his belly and wants to get something in front of him, his arms and legs will go like crazy and he'll babble up a storm. So we're working on it.
His motor skills continue to improve. He's getting pretty good at manipulating things. He'll pick up small tidbits to eat with his two fingers. He'll transfer small and large items alike from one hand to another with ease.
Colby's right eye continues to turn in, at times pretty badly. We've been having him wear his glasses, but I have to admit we could be better. He's pretty tolerant of it and will wear them for long periods of time now.
As you can see the majority of his bandages on his head have either fallen off or come off with some assistance. He has stitches where his old shunt was and tape to hold his new incision closed. But that's it now.
So that's the scoop. Our little boy is on the slow and steady path to progressing and developing. We continue to have high hopes for our little guy.


Anonymous said...

I loved the video! Thanks for sharing I really love to read the updates and I am glad he is recovering nicely from all he has been thru in the last few weeks!


Unknown said...

Precious! Such wonderful moments you're capturing!

Betsey said...

Colby has a beatiful laugh. Thank you so much for sharing.