Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quick update

(Colby trying to impress the laides by looking tough at Starbucks)("So do you take your bottle? heated...sippy cup? No problem...")("Um...excuse me....I'm on a date with two hot babes and I'd like to place an order before we discuss this very interesting book....apperently about feet")
(Colby and momma)

( My parents and their families have been so helpful. It's awesome to see my boy and my parents bonding. He totally recognizes them when they come into the room. Here's my mom with Colby about a week or so ago.)
(And here's my dad with Colby just yesterday.)

(Colby and I reading a book...both through glasses.)

Our little guy keeping warm by the fire.
Colby has been recovering very well from his latest shunt revisions. His stitches were itching a bit last week, but seem to be much better now. Apart from the tape, stitches and red marks on his head, there are no lasting signs of his latest ordeal.
We have enjoyed our holiday vacation and have gotten some rest. Tracey and I met up with Dave and Tracey, friends we hadn't seen in some years. They have twin girls just about the same age as Colby. We met in a Starbucks and enjoyed catching up and letting the kids do their thing. (see pictures above).
I took some video tonight of Colby babbling and in the next couple days will edit that and post it. But it's been a while since I last posted any updates so I wanted to get some pictures up here.
More to come.....

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Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

Colby looks great!!! I love the picture of you two reading together, Like father like son!!! :) Glad to hear that everything is healing wonderfully.