Saturday, November 1, 2008

Colby's new glasses

(Colby clears his throat and begins to read..."Once upon a time......"
(Colby says "Well mom, let me see here. I'll take a look a this thing now that I can actually see what I'm looking at and tell you all about it.)

( If any of you watch Jake and Kate Plus 8, you may remember Joel. He's one of their 8 kids and has glasses. Sometimes Colby reminds me of him now that he too has glasses)

(I love this picture. )
Colby got his glasses yesterday. He doesn't seem to mind them too much. I was thinking that he'd try to pull him off his face constantly. But he'll try for the first minute or so when you put them on. Once he knows that we won't let him take them off, he gives up. Then about 5 or 10 minutes later, we'll look over at him and he'll have his glasses in his hands. That's OK, all in time.
He went through a short phase this past week of being cranky and not quite himself. We wondered if his top teeth were finally coming in. But still nothing there. Then we thought he was getting a cold because his nose was running, he was coughing and his eyes were puffy....but not it's pretty much gone away. We also thought he had a touch of pink eye because he was rubbing his eyes, they were red and he'd have gunk in them. So the doctor gave us some medicine. Now that's gone too. It's so difficult when someone can't tell you what's just have to guess.
My mom comes to our house every Tuesday and stays over night into Wednesday. She's an absolute god sent! Tracey works Tuesday afternoons into the evening and Wednesday during the day. I need to keep my schedule busy so having mom here every week allows us to work My mom took Colby over to her house this week. The break was wonderful for Tracey and I. We missed Colby dearly, but I think it's healthy to get some time to recharge and keep things in balance. It was great to have him back home though!
We were a bit of Halloween scrooges yesterday. We didn't dress Colby up. Tracey was out running Evan around to his father's house from 5pm to around 7pm (prime trick or treating time). I was in the office until about 7. It just didn't work. At Colby's age, he doesn't know the difference anyway. Next year, I hope he's able to get into it a bit more.
Developmentally, Colby is still moving along, slowly but surely. He's gaining some strength with his arms and is tolerating his belly time much better. He's more comfortable rolling onto his side. He still won't roll from his back to his belly. If he accidentally finds himself on his belly, he'll usually try to flip onto his back. It is difficult at times when I see other one year olds crawling around or starting to walk....then there's Colby, still just sitting there. But his time will come.
I do believe that with children like Colby, they need extra guidance to get them crawling, walking etc. I think in some ways it's a bit too easy to simply let things slide....but I really feel the best thing I can do for him is to support him, love him, but try to help him catch up as quickly as he can. It doesn't do him one bit of good to be behind. I plan to work with him today on his belly time. We've found that once he learns to do something, he progresses rather well, it's jut a matter of getting him to do it.
So that's the latest in our Colby's journey. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.


Anonymous said...

I love Colby's new glasses!!! SO CUTE :)
Love, Mary and Hannah

Unknown said...

Colby is very handsome in his new glasses!

Anonymous said...

I love Colby's glasses, very handsome. Tyler walked at twenty months, and never crawled on all four...just army crawled. With Tyler it always seemed like he would work really hard at doing one thing (ie: breathing, feeding, being mobile, langauge) and totally hit a wall with everything else. Once the one thing happened everything else would progress. And the cycle would start again. Maybe the corrected vision will give him a little jump start :)

Tyler had a great Halloween, for the first time he was into it and knew what was going on. We trick or treated from 3-5pm in town at the local businesses. It was great. Of course there were at least three sets of twins that I couldn't escape from...hhhmmm, story of my life.

Hope your having a great weekend.

Teela said...

Ohhhh! I love the glasses!! It actually seems to fit him and his personality. Too cute. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

Colby is too cute in his little glasses!!! We love the picture of him reading his book. He does remind me of Joel off of Jon and Kate plus 8, I love that show.

Don't worry to much about when he does what, I feel the same way with Maleia, but she will walk when she is ready. She still has not crawled, just army crawls, and she will be 19 months old on the 17th. So, just keep up the great work with helping him, he will be running around the house before you know it. :)

Hope you have/had a great weekend!!! Don't work to hard. Again, we love the pictures of little Mr. Man in his glasses!!! :D

Anonymous said...

aaden gosselin (not joel) is the sextuplet from jon & kate plus eight who wears the glasses. :)

colby is adorable with his glasses, nevertheless!

i read your blog from time to time...i felt compelled because colby and i share a birthday; i'm exactly 30 years older...hahaha. i also have a preemie myself, a former 28-weeker who is now almost a year and a half old.

best wishes!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if it's you or Tracey taking the pictures... but that first one of Colby... is just such a sweet, sweet photo!

Mommakitten said...

He looks so grown up! How adorable!

Anonymous said...

Colby is very handsome and extremely cute with his new glasses.

Chrissy said...

Love the glasses. So cute.

Our nephew was born was 7-8 weeks early. He'll be 2 in Dec. He didn't crawl either. He did the army crawl. But he walks now. Just started maybe a month ago to walk. Now he's all over the place.

Anonymous said...


Haven't caught up with you in awhile, but just wanted to say hello. Glad to hear Colby's doing so well. Keep in touch.

M Barkasy

Caroline said...

Cute glasses Mr Colby :)Cant wait to see you in them in the real!