Sunday, June 8, 2008

Video: Mix of short clips and Colby rolling over

Here's a mix of short clips from yesterday and today. He's doing so well lifting his head and he's starting to roll over from his belly to his back on his own.
We've been watching him the last couple days because he has a cough and a runny nose. It doesn't seem to stay with him, but rather it comes and goes. So we're hoping it's not a cold. Maybe just some allergies or something.


Anonymous said...

I haven't commmented in a longtime...but I've still been checking in on Colby :) He looks super and sounds super! I'm so glad everything went great at the neurologists. Watching someone who had some many obstacles to overcome, grow so gracefully...well, honestly it just about brings me to happy happy tears :)

Tyler is almost three and I'm still waiting for the milestone that says, "see, he is perfect." It's a very gray line. He made it out of Early Intervention for PT, but went back for speech, now we're awaiting results for the 3-5 Program. I am hoping that he doesn't meet the requirements for services. Then I guess we are in the clear until school age, where we will continue to watch closely and wonder if everything is normal!!! It's a crazy cycle :) And the PT probably was never needed...our fullterm Addie is 14 months, a fulltime scooter (no crawling) and no where near walking. So was Tyler really delayed due to prematurity or poor genetics!!!!

Congrats to Tracy and her advancement in her career, I'm sure it was a lot of work. I got accepted into the RN program last month and already feel a smidge overwhelmed. I'll add her to the list of women who inspire me.

Take care, your family is often in my thoughts. -Lorna

The Johnson Family 5 said...

Can Colby get any cuter?!?! His smile is to die for! I'm so happy to hear how great he is doing!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

That is so cute!!! He is doing great, I love the one of him playing the piano... another musician in the family!!! :)