Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love Sunday Mornings

("so, mommy, you think you're going to try to feed me yogurt today?")

("um....nope...I'm not feelin' it. No yogurt for me today!")

("ha-ha, I didn't eat the yogurt!")

("ow man, so you cleaned me up and threw a pile "stuff" on my plate. Can I have the yogurt back?").

(How can you get mad at this little guy?)

Knock on wood, his incision seems to be healing without any complications. He was a very happy camper yesterday. All smiles. I think yesterday he was feeling best he has in a couple weeks.

He's still not eating like he used to. I think it's just a phase, not related to anything with his shunt or surgery. He's just picky as anything now. If you find something he's in the mood for, he'll eat it like a champ. But if it's not to his liking, you can't even get him to open his mouth!
Tracey has been working 3rd shift Friday and Saturday nights, 10pm to 6am. It just changed this week to Saturday and Sunday nights. I'm really not thrilled that my wife has to work third shifts. But both of our attitudes are that we will do whatever we need to and simply get through it all. We talk about how once Colby's able to go to a daycare or preschool, it will be so much better. Right now, someone has to be home with Colby. He can't go to daycare because of his lungs. We wouldn't want to put him in daycare all week, but it would allow Tracey and I to have a more "normal" work schedule. We juggle who's working days and evenings to ensure someone is able to watch Colby. My mom has been a HUGE help watching Colby Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings which allows Tracey and I to both work that day. I'm sure many parents out there have similar stories.

Anyway, so Tracey gets home a little after 6am on Sunday mornings and goes right to bed. That puts me on Colby duty. He and I have a regular routine we follow. Once I hear him stirring, I get up, start warming his bottle and brewing my coffee. Once both are about ready, I go get him from his crib and we make our way into the living room, with a stop in the kitchen to get our beverages. I plug him with a bottle and start enjoying my coffee. He'll often look over at me. We'll "talk" to each other. I'll say something to him. He'll give me a smile showing off his two bottom teeth. Or he'll babble something back to me. I'm sure he knows exactly what he's telling me. But for now, it's pure babble to me. Then we hang out together. Sometimes we play, sometimes we both do our own thing. It's just a nice, quiet start to the day.
Colby's funny when he sees either pictures of himself or of other babies. He looks at them very intently and often smiles or laughs. There's a picture of a baby on the yo-baby yogurt he eats. So he smiles when he sees that. I'll show him pictures or movies of himself and he's captivated. I'll try to get some videos of him reacting and post them.


Unknown said...

I've been wondering in all the recent pictures...what happened to Colby's glasses?

Scott said...

LOL, he still wears them. Maybe an our a day. you have to be on top of him otherwise he'll pull them off and start whacking them on his chair or putting them in his food. haha
But he's getting better at wearing them. I'll have to get more pictures of him in them. : )

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I meant to edit the last comment to add something, but I guess you can't. I never thought of Colby whacking his glasses against stuff, LOL! Of course, how on earth would you keep glasses on a little kid? Just like me putting the cannula back in Makenzie's nose 500 times a day b/c she always pulls it out. Now more than ever since she only has to wear it when she sleeps. She gets so used to the freedom of it not being on her face that when I put it on her before naps or bed she is already pulling at it and fighting me. 9 out of 10 times I find her sleeping with it up around her forehead or off completely. They sure are determined little buggers, lol.

blaik said...

I'm sure my house can resemble a daycare on somedays, but I wouldn't mind watching colby even if it was a couple days a week.

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics.
Love, Mary and Hannah

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

Glad to hear that his incision is healing well!!! Maleia went through a phase were she didn't eat much either, but she would eat bananas. Then as quickly as it came it went, and she eats everything she can now.

Betsey said...

Love the yogurt pictures. My god daughter used do the same thing with her yo-baby. As messy as it is, it's good for babies to play with different textures. I used to put my infants on a tarp with baby cereal and let them touch it. Constarch and water is also good for sensory play.