Monday, January 26, 2009

Been a while....

Wow, it's really been a while since I last posted anything and I apologize for that. Things have been very busy for us and I feel that although Colby is progressing, there's no monumental updates.
So...what about the Colbster? Well, he's consistently mimicking certain words. He'll repeat "mama" or "dada". I think he'll say "ball", though that's hit and miss. His new things is making the "ssssssss" sound. If you make that sound he'll laugh and then make it himself. He is one happy little guy. Just content to explore the world, interact with people and his surroundings.
He had his stitches removed from his latest surgery. He didn't cry a bit. Poor guy must be used to being poked and prodded. He still has some scabs on the top of his head, but they are quickly disappearing. We're anxious for his hair to grow in and help hide his latest incisions. Colby's head is a bit misshaped. The back right side is flattened from the prolonged time spent lying on his back. It just so happened that his head was turned to the right. While in the NICU, the opening to his incubator and then his crib was usually to the right of him. So by no body's fault, he had a tendency to keep his head turned to the right. Between that and his hydrocephalus, I think it might just be something that will be with him for his lifetime. He's still young though and I'm hoping that it will change.
He went to the eye doctor the other week. The doctor is a bit concerned that his eye continues to turn in. He suggests that we continue to use the glasses for another month or so. If that doesn't work, then they'll need to patch his good eye. And if that doesn't work....they'll try surgery. So we'll just have to wait and see. We've been trying to keep the glasses on him a lot more. He tolerates them well. It just happens that I didn't have him on during this video...but believe me...we're making him wear them a lot now!
I think Colby is looking more like a toddler than a little baby now. He's really grown a lot. When I look back at old pictures, I can't believe how small he was. I knew no better so to me, I understood he was a bit small.....but I really had no idea.
As I type this entry, Colby is falling asleep in his jumper. It's funny to watch because he'll gently bounce....then gradually go quite. His head is back against the head rest thing. Then he'll catch himself, almost as if to say "Wow...I can't fall asleep yet!" and start babbling and bouncing around.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another quick video

Here's another video of the Colbster. He's just blossomed over the past couple weeks. I swear he knows when I have the camera on him because he'll stop talking or act all mellow. But I still got him babbling a bit here.

The more interactive he becomes the more attached I feel. It just melts my heart to see him react to my voice or if I ask "Where's momma" or "where's the doggie" and to see him look around for them. I think any parent can understand this feeling, but given all the question marks that the doctors gave us, it's all the more precious.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Quick Pics

(Colby and mommy having breakfast this morning)
(Colby looking up at his beautiful mommy)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick video

As you can see, Colby is becoming more verbal. He has his "spirts" of times screaming. Either way, I think it's all cute! He's got the "d" sound down pat. He'll say da-da-da, but I'm not sure it's meant towards me. However if we say "where's da da" or "daddy", he'll look at me. If we say "where's momma" or "mommy", he'll look towards Tracey. We're pretty sure he understands "dog" as well as he'll look at Hamilton if we say that. So he continues to progress.
Colby is about 16 1/2 months old now. He still doesn't crawl. We continue to work on that and he's become more comfortable being on his belly. But he simply prefers to roll onto his back. He lacks the arm strength to push himself up. When he is on his belly and wants to get something in front of him, his arms and legs will go like crazy and he'll babble up a storm. So we're working on it.
His motor skills continue to improve. He's getting pretty good at manipulating things. He'll pick up small tidbits to eat with his two fingers. He'll transfer small and large items alike from one hand to another with ease.
Colby's right eye continues to turn in, at times pretty badly. We've been having him wear his glasses, but I have to admit we could be better. He's pretty tolerant of it and will wear them for long periods of time now.
As you can see the majority of his bandages on his head have either fallen off or come off with some assistance. He has stitches where his old shunt was and tape to hold his new incision closed. But that's it now.
So that's the scoop. Our little boy is on the slow and steady path to progressing and developing. We continue to have high hopes for our little guy.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quick update

(Colby trying to impress the laides by looking tough at Starbucks)("So do you take your bottle? heated...sippy cup? No problem...")("Um...excuse me....I'm on a date with two hot babes and I'd like to place an order before we discuss this very interesting book....apperently about feet")
(Colby and momma)

( My parents and their families have been so helpful. It's awesome to see my boy and my parents bonding. He totally recognizes them when they come into the room. Here's my mom with Colby about a week or so ago.)
(And here's my dad with Colby just yesterday.)

(Colby and I reading a book...both through glasses.)

Our little guy keeping warm by the fire.
Colby has been recovering very well from his latest shunt revisions. His stitches were itching a bit last week, but seem to be much better now. Apart from the tape, stitches and red marks on his head, there are no lasting signs of his latest ordeal.
We have enjoyed our holiday vacation and have gotten some rest. Tracey and I met up with Dave and Tracey, friends we hadn't seen in some years. They have twin girls just about the same age as Colby. We met in a Starbucks and enjoyed catching up and letting the kids do their thing. (see pictures above).
I took some video tonight of Colby babbling and in the next couple days will edit that and post it. But it's been a while since I last posted any updates so I wanted to get some pictures up here.
More to come.....